Workers' Compensation

If you are injured at work in an accident or as the result of performing your duties over time, you are entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits. Unfortunately, it is not always a simple process and you will have to navigate the bureaucratic system to obtain them. Our experienced attorneys can help walk you through the process and ensure a fair outcome to protect your best interests. Contact Cabranes Durkin & Longdin today for a free consultation.

The Process

At Cabranes Durkin & Longdin we represent injured workers in Racine, Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin and guide them through the complicated and confusing process known as workers' compensation. Medical expense, temporary disability (a percentage of wages paid while the employee is recovering from the injury), and permanent disability are the three main workers' compensation benefits that are available to you. You only need to prove that you were injured while on-the-job or as the result of doing your job over a period of time in order to receive these benefits.

In workers' compensation cases time is very important, as there are limitations on how long you have before you must report a workplace injury. After reporting, there are then specific steps that must be taken in order to receive benefits. Our lawyers have many years of combined legal experience with work accidents, occupational injuries, and employees exposed to hazardous materials or conditions. After starting the legal process, your case will take a substantial amount of time; on average it takes about a year before you will have a hearing. However, our lawyers will be there next to you to explain the process and address any concerns you may have. You can trust in our experience to recognize any potential third-party personal injury claims and to effectively pursue those opportunities as well.

Note - Attorney fees in workers' compensation claims are limited by statute.